Real-Time Merchandising

Categorize in seconds

With real-time merchandising, a single click categorizes products and lets you see the results immediately. You can play around and try different ideas without the fear of making a mistake. And then, when you’re ready, you hit Publish to make your changes live.

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Looks like your storefront, not like Windows 95.
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Categorize in seconds, with real-time feedback
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You don’t read manuals. Merchstack doesn’t need one.
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Bring your vision to life,  uncompromisingly.

Not your grandmother’s merchandising platform

Merchstack looks just like your storefront, making it easy to learn and powerful to use.
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Sorted just like your storefront, for a 1:1 experience

All the data, only when you need it.

Toggle different sets of data, like pricing, categories or product descriptions, so you know exactly how to categorise each product.
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Aggregates pricing data across variants

Divide to conquer sub-categories

Easily create sub-categories from your existing categories by selecting a subset of the products.

One-click Publishing

Work within Merchstack’s database, and only publish to your storefront when everything is ready to go live.
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Publishing typically takes seconds
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Keep working in Merchstack while your changes are published in the background

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