Real-Time Merchandising

Categorize in seconds

Merchandise your products with a single click and see the results immediately.

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Faster workflows

Save hours of time with faster merchandising

You’re used to modern software that autosaves your work, but your ecommerce platform is still stuck in the early 2000s.

Merchstack fixes that—every action you take is automatically saved, letting you see the results in real-time.

Then when you’re ready, you can Publish your changes back to your ecommerce platform.

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Optimize SEO

Manage content and optimize SEO

Control the whole customer journey, from searching on Google to finding the right product on your PLP.

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Accurate Categorization

No more miscategorized or undercategorized products

Getting the right product in the right place should be easy, but with the cumbersome merchandising tools of ecommerce platforms, it’s just not.

With Merchstack, every action you take gives real-time feedback right in the footer of the product, so you’ll never miscategorize a product again.

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easy category management

Manage hundreds of categories with ease

When you’ve got a large range of products, an accurate product hierarchy helps your customers find the products they’re after. With most platforms, this becomes a nightmare to manage, but Merchstack makes it easy.

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How it works

Effortlessly efficient

A single click categorizes products and lets you see the results immediately. Play around and trial different ideas without the fear of making a mistake. When you’re ready, publish your changes to make them live.
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Merchstack imports your products and categories into its own database in minutes.


Merchandise—in real time

Every action you take in Merchstack happens in real-time, like Google Docs, so you always know where you’re at.

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Work in Merchstack, and publish to your platform when everything is ready to go live.

Using Merchstack is incredibly intuitive. Our team didn't require any training.
Emanuel Elverfeldt
Co-founder of Freiraum


Simple to learn, 
powerful when mastered

Most merchandising software is complicated and ineffective. Merchstack simply gets out of your way.
Graphic of Visual Feature

Visual and intuitive

Merchstack looks just like your storefront—not like Windows 95—making it easy to learn and powerful to use.
Graphic of Data Feature

All the data you need, and no more

Toggle different sets of data, so you know exactly how to categorize each product.
Graphic of Content Editing Feature

Customize on-site content

Edit your H1s, banner texts and hero images with a fast, intuitive interface.
Graphic of SEO Feature

Better SEO tools

Help your products get discovered with better SEO tools.
Graphic of Sorting Feature

Featuring and sorting

Simple yet powerful tools to sort categories and feature products.
Graphic of Creative Merchandising Feature

Get creative

A visual interface makes it easy to put together creative collections.

You don’t read manuals. 
Merchstack doesn’t need one.

Delivering an incredible operator experience is one of our highest priorities.


Hey! Merchstack team here.

When you use something 40 hours a week, it should feel like an effortless extension of you. Like riding a bike, or driving a car, it should enable you to do anything better, easier, faster.

Outside of work, you’re unstoppable. Everything’s at your fingertips. You’re not afraid of making a mistake, you can play around and try different ideas. You feel powerful. You’re proud of what you create.

At work however, you’re constantly fighting your tools. They’re clunky as hell. You’re somehow both bored and anxious at the same time — bored of the endless data entry, and anxious that one wrong move will bring the whole website down. You know exactly what you want, but the tools won’t let you do it.

You haven’t been spoiled by consumer tools. You’ve been failed by work ones.

You need something that gives you real, usable insight into how your customers behave, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions.

You need something that automates away the endless data entry and frees you up to finally be creative.

You need something visual, intuitive, and fast, leaving you in a flow state for hours, instead of glancing at the clock while each page loads… slowly.

The end result, of course, is that your customers can actually find what they’re looking for. The site performs better, and the company makes more money. You start using SEO insights to quadruple your organic traffic, and suddenly you’re riding the rocket ship.

We’d like to take credit, but really, all we did was finally unblock you.

— The Merchstack Team

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