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Grow your online store’s organic traffic by 3-5x with automated mid-to-long tail keyword SEO. Increase conversion rates with fast, intuitive category management. Get half your week back.
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Merchstack for Operators
Get half your week back, then use that time to finally turn your ideas into reality.
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Merchstack for SEOs
Capture the whole long-tail with ease, boosting organic traffic by 3-5x.
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Merchstack for Execs
Unlock unrealized growth for your online stores with a portable platform
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Long-Tail Keywords for Ecommerce

Unlock outrageous organic traffic growth

Customers search Google for thousands of specific search terms, and most stores serve up a handful of generic categories in response. They don’t rank, and even if they do, customers are more likely to bounce than convert.

Your store, on the other hand, uses Merchstack to serve up thousands of long-tail categories, giving your customers exactly what they’re asking for, at scale.

The result is a 3-5x increase in your generic organic traffic and higher conversion rates.

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Real-Time Merchandising

Create better performing categories in real-time

Merchstack’s real-time merchandising lets you categorize products in seconds, with real-time visual feedback every step of the way. Then, when every product is in its place, you can publish to your storefront in seconds.

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Product Inbox

Manage new products with intuitive workflows

Using Excel to manage your new products is super hacky. Copying information from one place to another is tedious and error-prone. Things fall through the cracks.

In Merchstack, new products land in your Product Inbox, where you can quickly assign them, categorize them, then mark them as Done to get to inbox zero.

Finally, you can tame those unruly products.

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Rule-Based Categories

Automate away mindless data entry

Most merchandisers spend the majority of their week moving products in and out of the same old categories.

Not you though. You let Merchstack’s rule-based categories do that for you, freeing you up to focus on unlocking opportunities for growth.

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Connect to any modern eCommerce platform

Merchstack imports your products and categories into its own database, and then keeps everything up to date with continuous updates.

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Hey! Merchstack team here.

When you use something 40 hours a week, it should feel like an effortless extension of you. Like riding a bike, or driving a car, it should enable you to do anything better, easier, faster.

Outside of work, you’re unstoppable. Everything’s at your fingertips. You’re not afraid of making a mistake, you can play around and try different ideas. You feel powerful. You’re proud of what you create.

At work however, you’re constantly fighting your tools. They’re clunky as hell. You’re somehow both bored and anxious at the same time — bored of the endless data entry, and anxious that one wrong move will bring the whole website down. You know exactly what you want, but the tools won’t let you do it.

You haven’t been spoiled by consumer tools. You’ve been failed by work ones.

You need something that gives you real, usable insight into how your customers behave, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions.

You need something that automates away the endless data entry and frees you up to finally be creative.

You need something visual, intuitive, and fast, leaving you in a flow state for hours, instead of glancing at the clock while each page loads… slowly.

The end result, of course, is that your customers can actually find what they’re looking for. The site performs better, and the company makes more money. You start using SEO insights to quadruple your organic traffic, and suddenly you’re riding the rocket ship.

We’d like to take credit, but really, all we did was finally unblock you.

—James, Steve, Dom, Morgan and Hanna

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