Automated categories

Automate away mindless data entry

Most operators spend the majority of their week moving products in and out of the same old categories. Not you though—you let Merchstack’s automated categories handle that.

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Graphic of Automated Categories Components

Automated new arrivals categories

New Arrivals

New merch just dropped! And was automatically categorized by your New Arrivals rule-based categories.

When they’re no longer fresh, they’ll be automatically removed.

Graphic of Automated New Arrivals Category

Automated sale categories


Black Friday just got a little bit less stressful.

Merchstack automatically moves your products into your Sale rule-based categories when they get discounted, and out when the sale is over.

Graphic of Automated Sale Category

Automated Brand Categories


Honestly, this one is just obvious. Merchstack puts all the Adidas products in the Adidas category for you.

Can you believe other merchandisers are still doing this manually?

Graphic of Automated Brand Category


Set and forget

Automated categories handle all your mundane, repetitive tasks, giving you more time to focus on creative work.
Graphic of Automated Category Feature


Define your category rules, and your categories will keep themselves up-to-date.
Graphic of Customizable Feature


Rule-based categories work great out-of-the-box, but you can always customize them to suit your needs.
Graphic of Hierarchical Categories Feature


Rules play nicely with your category hierarchy, and can have children, parents, both, or neither.
Using Merchstack is incredibly intuitive. Our team didn't require any training.
Emanuel Elverfeldt
Co-founder of Freiraum


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