Capture untapped organic traffic

  • Create 1000s of attribute-based categories targeting high-value keywords
  • Boost organic traffic by 3-5x
  • Increase conversion rates by 2.5x
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Rank higher on google

Get on the first page of Google

Better SEO at scale lets you rank higher for thousands of keywords.

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Boost conversion rates

Attract buyers, not browsers

Capture customers looking to buy, not just browse, by showing up with relevant pages for high-intent search traffic.

Plus, you can use Real-Time Merchandising on your long-tail categories too, to optimize high-performers.

The conversion rate of long-tail keywords (“black ripped jeans”) is 2.5x that of head keywords (“jeans”).
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Grow revenue

Boost sales with more organic traffic

Supercharge your existing products and categories to capture more organic traffic, achieve better search engine ranking, and boost conversion rates.

See how much Merchstack could earn for your store.
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Your commerce platform can’t do this.

Commerce platforms are built to compete for head terms, which make up just 30% of search traffic.
Merchstack is how your store competes for the other 70%.

You have the product data
Merchstack uses your existing product attributes—the ones that are currently powering your PLP filters.
But Google can’t crawl it
PLP filters are dynamic, and dynamic pages are invisible to search engines.
Imprecise solutions don’t work
You could make all of your dynamic pages visible to search engines, but that would consume your crawl budget, doing more harm than good.
And you can’t do this manually
It’s not practical to manage thousands of categories manually.

How it works

Part automation, full control

Manual control leaves growth on the table, while full automation does more harm than good. Merchstack is the middle way that unlocks your store’s untapped potential.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Attributes Feature

Choose relevant product attributes

Merchstack will prepare thousands of attribute-based categories using your product data.

Graphic of Long Tail Categories SEO Feature

Define SEO and content templates

A few settings let you manage thousands of categories at once.

Graphic of Long Tail Categories Approvals Feature

Manually approve

Eligible long-tail categories land in your inbox, where you can approve or deny them.

Graphic of Long Tail Categories Real Categories Feature

Merchstack creates real categories within your commerce platform

The categories created by Merchstack are identical to your regular categories, use the same design on your storefront, and display breadcrumbs for your category hierarchy.

You can even include them in your navigation.

Graphic of Long Tail Categories Sorting Feature


Customize the on-page content, SEO, and product sorting of your popular long-tail categories.

We were amazed by the power of Merchstack. We instantly saw an uptick in organic traffic and sales.
Emanuel Elverfeldt
Co-founder of Freiraum


All the tools you need to attract and convert visitors

Manage the SEO of thousands of categories at once, then drill down and optimize high-performers.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Category Management Feature

Automate thousands of categories

Serving long-tail search terms requires thousands of categories. This isn’t practical to do manually, so Merchstack automates the creation and management of these categories for you.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Limits Feature

Optimize your crawl budget

Merchstack’s simple limits let you create categories for high-value keywords with enough products while avoiding creating categories for thousands of low-value keywords.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Search Volume Feature

Identify high-value categories

Integrated search volume statistics help you identify which categories to enable or focus on optimizing.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Overrides Feature

SEO Overrides

Override global settings for SEO to optimize high-performing categories.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Performance Feature

Analyze performance data

Analyze the performance of your long-tail categories to optimize high-performers and assist under-performers.
Graphic of Long Tail Categories Content Feature

Customize on-site content

Use the same content editing tools you use on your core categories to customize your H1s, banner texts and hero images.


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