Long-Tail Keywords for Ecommerce

Unlock outrageous
organic traffic growth

Automatically create and publish thousands of categories that match the way consumers use search engines. Boost your generic organic traffic by 3-5x by capturing high-value mid-to-long tail keywords, while increasing conversion rates.
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Capture Untapped Demand
Automatically create categories that are optimized to capture the way customers use search engines.
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Boost SERP Ranking
Better SEO at scale lets you rank higher for the search terms you’re already ranking for.
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Boost Conversion Rate
Capture customers looking to buy, not just browse, by showing up with relevant pages for high-intent search traffic.
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Grow Revenue
Supercharge your existing categories to capture more organic traffic, better positioning, and higher conversion rates.

Serve all the niches

Your customers don’t just search Google for “Jeans”, they search for “Blue Skinny Jeans”, “Black Ripped Jeans”, and thousands of other long-tail keywords. You have these products, but you haven’t been ranking for the keywords because you haven’t had categories that serve them. Until now.

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Automated management of thousands of categories

Serving long-tail search terms requires thousands of categories. This isn’t practical to do manually, so Merchstack automates the creation and management of these categories for you.
Complete visibility over all your categories
Screenshot of Long Tail Category Limits

Optimize your crawl budget

Creating thousands of categories without the right controls can lead to more harm than gain.

Merchstack’s simple limits let you create categories for high-value keywords with enough products while avoiding creating categories for thousands of low-value keywords.
Screenshot of Long Tail Category Attributes

Choose relevant attributes for each category

Not all attribute-category combinations are useful for creating long-tail categories.

With Merchstack, you can create a “Queen Size Bedsheets” category, while avoiding thousands of “Small T-Shirts” categories.
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Flexible SEO at scale

Use simple rules and overrides to manage H1’s, Page Titles, and Descriptions for thousands of categories at once.
Screenshot of Long Tail Category Editing

Category-level control

You have full control to edit individual categories, allowing you to override store settings and get creative with top performing categories.
Manual Approvals for Long Tail Categories

Manually approve every category

As you add new products, or attribute existing products, more and more long-tail categories will become eligible and land in your inbox.

From there, it’s up to you what goes live and what doesn’t, keeping your site free of low-value pages that would otherwise consume crawl budget.

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