Product Inbox

Every product in its place

From now on, whenever new products are added to your catalog, they’ll land in your Product Inbox.

From there, rule-based categories do half your work for you, and real-time merchandising lets you do the other half in seconds.

How it works

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Every new product lands in your Product Inbox, so you never go searching again.
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Delegate to teammates to avoid duplicating work.
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Use real-time merchandising to categorize your new products in seconds.
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Mark as Done
When you’re finished, click Mark as Done to move the products out of your inbox.
Screenshot of Product Inbox

An inbox, like it always should have been

Imagine if checking your emails started with viewing an unsorted list of all the emails you’ve ever received.

Somehow, that’s the reality of every single commerce platform.

Merchstack fixes that: every time a new product is added to your catalog, it arrives in your Product Inbox, ready for you to merchandise.

Get to Inbox Zero

When you’re finished with a product, just click Mark as Done. Do this for all your new products, and you’ll reach Inbox Zero.

You can access all products by clicking on the All tab. They’re just not in the way anymore.

Refreshes overnight, or whenever you want

Merchstack fetches new products from your commerce platform every night.

Or, of course, at your command.
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Set a time for daily updates that won’t disrupt your team

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