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Manage your new products with intuitive workflows that increase productivity while reducing errors.

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Faster workflows

An inbox, like it always should have been

Imagine if checking your emails started with viewing an unsorted list of all the emails you’ve ever received.

Somehow, that’s the reality of every single commerce platform.

With Merchstack, every time a new product is added to your catalog, it arrives in your inbox, ready for you to merchandise.

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Easy integration

Always in sync

Merchstack fetches new products from your commerce platform every night.

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Accurate Categorization

No more miscategorized or undercategorized products

Getting the right product in the right place should be easy, but with the cumbersome merchandising tools of ecommerce platforms, it’s just not.

With Merchstack, every action you take gives real-time feedback right in the footer of the product, so you’ll never miscategorize a product again.

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easy category management

Manage hundreds of categories with ease

When you’ve got a large range of products, an accurate product hierarchy helps your customers find the products they’re after. With most platforms, this becomes a nightmare to manage, but Merchstack makes it easy.

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How it works

Just like your email inbox

Product Inbox works just like your email inbox, so you don’t need any training or onboarding. You already know how to use it.
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Every new product lands in your Product Inbox, so you never go searching again.



Use real-time merchandising to categorize your new products in seconds.

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Reach Inbox Zero

When you’re finished, click Mark as Complete to move the products out of your inbox.


Every product in its place

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All the data you need, and no more

Toggle different sets of data, so you know exactly how to categorize each product.
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Set a time for daily updates

Merchstack fetches new products from your commerce platform every night.
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Fetch new products at any time

If you need to sync Merchstack with your commerce platform immediately, just hit “Fetch Updates”.
Using Merchstack is incredibly intuitive. Our team didn't require any training.
Emanuel Elverfeldt
Co-founder of Freiraum


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