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Merchstack helps your Shopify store grow

Merchstack plugs into your Shopify store and gives your team the tools they need to unlock outrageous growth by making better performing categories and automating long-tail SEO.
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Connect in minutes, update in seconds

Merchstack takes just a few minutes to connect to your Shopify store and import all your products and categories.

Then, any changes to your store will be pulled into Merchstack overnight. You’ll work in Merchstack, and then publish back to Shopify in seconds.

It’s easy, fast and secure.

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Merchandise all your Shopify stores in one place

Merchstack can be used across multiple stores and geographies, with different settings for each store to account for different catalogs.

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Unlimited subcategories

Add a navigation sidebar to your storefront

This proven navigation pattern used by stores like Amazon, Etsy and Walmart used to be nearly impossible to implement on a Shopify storefront, until now.

With Merchstack, you can easily implement a left-hand navigation on your storefront with unlimited levels.

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Long-Tail Keywords for Ecommerce

Boost your organic search traffic by 3-5x

Merchstack lets you automate the creation and management of thousands of categories that match what people are searching for on Google.

This boosts your search ranking on the long-tail of search terms, and boosts your generic organic traffic by 3-5x, while increasing conversion rates.

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Real-Time Merchandising

Categorize your store in seconds

Merchstack’s Product Inbox is the easiest way to onboard new products onto your store, ensuring every product ends up where it should.

And with real-time merchandising, a single click categorizes products and lets you see the results immediately.

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